Other Access

Tracked spider access machines

Commercial and domestic

Any Location, indoor, outdoor

Multi-terrain access

Positive Health and Safety attitude

Site survey and birthing plans

On the day site survey

Short notice capable

Drip trays for sensitive sites


We have a wide range of customers in many business sectors, requiring safe access to places only available with a tracked spider access machine: sign fitting, specific cleaning jobs, TV work, garden maintenance, putting up Christmas decorations, erecting bird garden netting to name a few.

Staff Training

All our staff are trained to the highest industry standards in health an safety, adaptable to every working environment and protocol.

Site Surveys

Site surveys and birthing plans are completed in advance, taking account of access to the site, with where the tracked access machine will sit to reach the working position. The document will include a diagram with a plan of the location and the siting of the machine. Viking Access will suggest the appropriate machine for the terrain and reach required, many will go through a 2m high and 900mm wide door.

An on the day survey will check that the ground surface is suitable for the machine, and that wind speeds are within safe tolerances.

The top picture is putting up Christmas decorations, the lower left home maintenance, lower right on a TV set. 

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