Tracked spider access machines

Any Location, indoors or outdoors

Access for cleaning and maintenance

Positive Health and Safety attitude

Site survey and birthing plans

On the day site survey

Staff trained to industry standard

Short notice capable

Drip trays for interior sites


Regular facilities maintenance needs access above 3 meters, sometimes in inaccessible places. A tracked spider machine sized for the job can provide the access to complete the job. When used indoors, our machines are electrically powered, and will fit through standard doorways. Jobs include replacement of lighting, cleaning, electrical maintenance, fixing leaks.

We have a number of big name high street customers needing access within busy public areas. For practical and safety reasons, work may be done out of hours, with preparation out of sight of the public.

Staff Training

All our staff are trained to the highest industry standards in health an safety. With facilities management, our staff are used to working with larger teams, in restricted areas, to protocols and procedures set by contractors and customers.

Site Surveys

Site surveys and birthing plans are completed in advance, taking account of access to the site, with where the tracked access machine will sit to reach the working position. The document will include the risk assessment, the method statement, the access route into the facility, a diagram with a plan of the location and the siting of the machine. For the facilities management market the working environment is usually in close proximity to the general public, so additional care is required to secure the working area around the machine and under the area of reach. 

An on the day survey will check that the location is suitable for the machine, and that wind speeds are within safe tolerances if outdoors.

Viking Access will suggest the appropriate machine for the location and reach required. 

The pictures on this page are in shopping centres, for maintenance and initial fitting.

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