Before Delivery

Initial Requirement

To ensure safe operation of our equipment, understanding where and how the machine will be used to support the tasks you need to perform is essential. The height, the reach, how many places to access, how much time will your job take at each position, indoors or outdoors, impact on public rights of way.

Site Survey and Machine Access

Safety is a major concern when using a tracked spider or Mobile Elevating Working Platform. The setup and operation requires trained operators for a safe working environment.

We will perform a site survey to produce a risk assessment and method statement. Hazards will be identified for the siting of the machine, for transport to the working location, and for operation of the machine. Measures to control risk will be suggested.

Access to a working site will be fully assessed: doorway sizes, tight corners to navigate, condition of access roads, power supplies. Limitations may well dictate the machines we can use for the job.

Risk Assessment and Method Statement

A risk assessment and method statement will be produced following the site survey. These will include birthing plans including diagrams of where the machine will sit, the maximum outreach and height, and any specific control measures required.

The HSE guidelines are available here.

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