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The first day we arrived on site before the specified time to allow our operator and install team to assess the route and follow the birthing plan. We completed the relevant site induction and our qualifications were checked along with the loller certificate.

The machine was removed from the trailer along with the ground protection to ensure the safe and efficient install of the machine.  Once the machine was in the required location it was setup and fully functioned tested. We then awaited instruction from the riggers who were currently working in the cabin next to the tower. We took them to the required work area so the could start accessing and removing the existing equipment.

The following day we fully functioned tested the machine before using it and ensured the setup was correct. We awaited instruction from the client. The equipment was removed on a cold windy north Yorkshire day and new feeders were installed ready for the new header.

The third and final day we ran all our safety checks before continuing with the install of the antenna. Once this was completed the engineers ran the relevant testing and checks once this was completed the machine was removed from site and all paperwork completed .

The machine that our surveyor Garry recommended completed the required task with ease. Our client was under the impression they required a 23metre machine while it was completed with a 13.8metre.    

All our hires include pre site survey, delivery and collection using our own vehicles, ground protection, blocks, boards and barriers  plus a fully qualified operator with more than 2000 hours experience.


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